Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The mid-summer joint

It appears that I'm on vay-cay-si-oh-neh for at least the next 7 days.

Much like I've been doing, I plan on utilizing my time wisely - getting ready for the upcoming shows [more, more, more!], getting ready for the holidays, getting more stuff together for brick & mortar outlets.

That is all for now; gonna have a cocktail, work for another hour or so, then off to the chilly, chilly bedroom.

[Goofy aside: around dusk, out back with the Frecks, and this pigeon lands on the railing next to me. Stares, cocks his head, sidles up to me - like within 6 inches, hops down, walks around my feet, climbs back up the steps, gets back on the railing, stares, cocks head some more. I'm thinking: can pigeons actually get rabid?!? [Is that within the realm of possibility?]

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sometimes I frighten myself ...

Have been having trouble with the tension on my Shark for the last 2 years. Finally get around to looking in the phone book for service centers. Have naive [extremely, it seems] idea that there is a vac & sew within walking distance.

Not only is there not, the only ones in this state are inaccessible to a non-driver - i.e., me. The closest one is in North Philly. There is absolutely no bloody way I'm taking the bus there. Since the odds of Mister driving me all the way to the opposite end of the city [in a better neighborhood, but still at least a 30 minute drive] are roughly ... nil, I decide to take matters into my own hands.

Took the better part of 3 hours to take apart, clean, oil, adjust tension and put this baby back together, but I did it. Without a manual, without anything but pure instinct. I haven't taken anything apart & put it back together in at least a decade. I was a little nervous that I was going to fuck it up, but I kept thinking "vintage Singer in the basement; new Singer behind you".

Mister seems somewhat baffled that I have the ability to take things apart, things that I have NO IDEA how they actually work, fiddle, twiddle, poke, prod and work some mojo on and somehow miraculously make them go.

Last night, as we're getting the trash together, he brings up the old dehumidifier. We're trying to figure out if it's totally kaput or if there is some small modicum of hope. He plugs it in, it kicks on, but after a few seconds it becomes clear that the problem is with the fan not working. He says to me "Take it apart". I think he's mocking me and ask him. He says "kinda yes and kinda no". He takes the cover off and we look at it. I decide I'm in over my head on this one. One small miracle a day is more than I can ask for, I suppose.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Treasury

Yay! Etsy member Cottonlily included me in this treasury:

Now, off to get 5 million things done before we leave on our mini-vacation! Hooray, hopefully it will be cooler in Lancaster than it is here ...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Unbearable Heaviness of So. Phi.

Wish I had pix to go with this, but I don't ...

Go out back to gather up the trash and recycling. Stand on my back step and watch the after-game fireworks. Occurs to me that if I walk a block & a half, I will have a view that is almost as good as being at the stadium.

How cool is that? Stand out in the back and can see fireworks all summer long. Stand on my porch on New Years Day and can see Mummering ...

This makes me a bit happier with the joint ...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My backyard, the shanty town for all things fuzzy and/or feathered

So this little man has been hanging around the back for the last week or so. I've actually heard him for the last 3 or 4, but have only seen him for the last 2. Last night, I'm out there, giving my buddy Frecks some scratchies, when small fry gets within 2 feet of me. I'm surprised; this is only our second or third interaction, and I'm pretty sure this little guy is feral. I can't stand how cute he is. You can't even really tell just how small he is from the picture.

I didn't get any pix of this, but this afternoon, I heard a mighty ruckus out back. Look out the back door to see two pigeons eating cat food out of the dish. Every time they leaned in to peck, the bowl would lift up, slam down and make a ton of noise. Struck me as weird and somehow ironic, even though it really wasn't.