Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Red October, or even I have a very, very, very slight case of Phillies Phever

Last night, Mr. & I decide to walk down to the stadium during the 7th. This is important because if'n you know me in RL, you know of my complete & utter disinterest in baseball.

Despite this, I've been finding myself getting somewhat caught up in Phils fever. I had thought about walking down there, springing it on him as a surprise, except he beat me to the punch. Unfortunately, the weather was so amazingly crummy that the game was called.

I figured we could do it today, when they resumed the game. No dice. Kinda bummed out that I'm not going to be able to go tomorrow due to work. I hope they pick it back up at 5, which is currently 'Plan B'. If they do, we're doing it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Did you get the feeling you've been Jeetered?

Much on my little pea-brain at the moment. None of which I'd go into in a public forum. Suffice it to say, if'n you know me in the RL, then you know. I seem to say [post] this line with some regularity.

Instead I will say this: I like that after working a 10 hour shift, I can come home to find my little grey man, also know as the 'backdrop usurper', giving me blinky eyes and a big, fang-y yawn on the couch. I like that he follows me upstairs, biting my hands and purring so amazingly loud that I'm surprised he doesn't wake Mr.[.]

I find myself appreciating very, very small things right about now. Wish that somehow, magically, I could be different. Wish that I could wish all my foible/humerus away. That not being the case, I just wish in vain. Can you dig it?

I'm hearing that voice in my head, all buttery smooth, deep and velvety, chock full of 1973. Once again, if'n you know me in the RL, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. If you don't know me, if I am just random words on a screen, than I am fully aware that I sound just like a total fucking wingnut. To some extent, I suppose this is, in fact, the case.

Like everything else, this is all relative. This brings me partially to the crux of this post. I don't want to elaborate on personal matters, ESPECIALLY not MY OWN personal matters in a public forum. However, it being what it is, and also being a large part of my own life, it does, in fact, get to me, bring me down, and harsh my mellow, dooood.

Since these things affect me personally more days than they don't, due to my work situation, I get slightly stressed out from time to time. I vent to a select small group, all in the inner circle and most definitely DIRECTLY involved, who understand all the subtlety and nuance. I sometimes try to explain these things to Mr.; he doesn't get it, due to his not being a part of the inner sanctum. This is all fine, as I don't understand the politics of the movie biz - not being my chosen field, et al.

This is why I wish sometimes that I were totally different. Not that I had a different profession, as I enjoy being a bartender, overall. But sometimes I think that perhaps I need to have a TOTALLY different personality to do this job. I laugh when I think of my mother telling me a million years ago that this is exactly what I should do. This coming from the sweetest, most people pleasing-est [in the most UN-snarky sense of the word], outgoing woman ever. Me, I'm the most sullen, surly, withdrawn wench ever.

I realize this self-indulgent post makes it sound like I had a crummy night; this is actually the opposite of the day that I've had. Overall, it was pretty swell. All day and all night I had bunches of well-behaved, polite, friendly, albeit, drunk folks. I'm just sort of burnt right at the moment. Once again, can you dig it? An introvert surrounded by extroverts - ARGGH!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tis the season ...

for all the shows to start.

We did one last weekend, and for the first time EVER, I showed up after actually getting enough sleep, chipper and not even remotely hung-over or crampy.

Biz was a tad slow; seemed like the only buyers at this thing were the other vendors. Free beer + hipsters + trendy neighborhood = enough $$$ for poor fashion choices, but not enough to actually spend on cool handmade items.

Took some pix [which I never think to do at these things]. Unfortunately, the pix I really wanted to take, I couldn't.

No sane way to tell a stranger that you are only photographing them because they are such a 'don't', that none of your friends can even begin to believe your later description of the horror ...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Seller is PantherByHand. Stoopid blogger won't let me link the image.

Something so amazingly NOT RIGHT, and yet sorta compelling.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random ...

Not that I've exactly been a slug, just haven't found the time/inclination to do this currently.

This one will be brief. I'm trying to update the shop, and am overwhelmed by the SCREAMING from the stadium right now. Phils are in playoffs. We live about 12 blocks away.

I am in AWE of the fact that I can hear the crowd screaming. I'm no baseball fan [gross understatement], but the rabid fandom makes me wish that we were there now ...