Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About Apt

Either this or Law of the Plague. Either is apt right about now.

I'ma go sleep for another 6 hours.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dinner at WB HQ was so, so, so good, I had to share! Penne with anchovies, capers, shallots & clams (no clams for me, tho). I absolutely love that I only have to walk to the end of my block to get really amazing fresh produce. They carry some really offbeat items, too; I had to ask what cranberry beans were, having never seen them before.

I'm getting so crazy in to cooking of late. The last 2 years have been a non-stop, constantly evolving process of amping up. Semi-recent examples: 

  • Buffalo Shepperd's Pie
  • Beat, Turnip & Squash Veal Stew
  • (Volcanic) Spicy Italian Soup

It's quite liberating to be constantly pushing your own limits, food & other wise. 

[And nary a word about the shop this post. ;)]

Friday, February 1, 2013

Halfway thru Winter!

I'm so happy that we are at the official half-way mark of winter. My absolute least favorite time of the year. :( If I could just stay in for 3 months, I surely would). My shop would definitely be over-stocked if I could hibernate that long.

I'm still working on these, which I love, love, LOVE! I have a stack of them to be photographed (grumble, I really hate photographing them!) and an even bigger stack to finish. I don't know why I am so very enamoured with one of a kind at the moment, but I completely am. Even though it means ...

taking more pictures! Boo. 

It's kinda funny, after years and years, I finally got an appropriate background for picture taking. A friend built it (it's super kick-ass) for me, it definitely makes things so much easier. You would think I'd be more inclined to take pictures.

Gotta run. Orders to package up, post office run, chicken noodle soup on the stove, new things to finish sewing, picture taking all before work.

After work, team Bloodweiser needs a little practice! We've been doing really well. I'm shooting for cities this year ....

After the complete and utter domination I handed out playing 9 ball on Tuesday, I'ma feeling a little ... confident! When relaying that story to my 8 ball team mates, I used the words 'vaporize' and 'decimate'. I never, ever get to say that; I'm more used to be on the receiving end of the ass-whooping. Nice way to break my losing streak.